Elementary and Middle School Admissions and Test Preparation

"Hi Julian, Wanted to let you know that Talia got into Community School! Hooray! All that hard work paid off. Thank you again for all the hard work that you have done with Talia and keeping faith in her ability to do well even when we felt like giving up. We really do appreciate all of it! You are the best!!!"

Albina Parks

Parent of Phillips Brooks School, Community School and Birkshire School School students

"I wanted to write a note of gratitude to thank you for your teaching and caring for (student). With your help, she did well on the ISEE, 98% and 96% for English and 93% and 94% for math. Thank you so much for teaching her and walking through the ISEE and middle school application process. It is so super helpful. Thank you! She did very well; she got into Crystal Spring, Castilleja, and Menlo. She will be joining Crystal in the coming fall. She also really enjoyed the reading club with Alice last summer."

Parent of Crystal Springs student

"I am so happy with how he did.  Thank you so much for all of your work with him. Nueva was our first choice so we immediately accepted the spot there.  We are all delighted with how this process turned out. Thank you for all of your help!"

Parent of Crystal Springs student

"Just got the results from the ISEE and looks like he did great. Thanks again for all the hard work you put in with him. He worked diligently from the time we started working with you in late July right up until the test and the hard work paid off. When he got out of the test on Saturday, he was convinced that he had not missed a single question on MA and he was right."

Parent of Phillips Brooks School and Menlo School Student

"It's important to me that you know how much I appreciate how you have taught and supported [student] through this process, regardless of test outcome. You took the time to know [student] as an individual, tailored the sessions and practice tests to his needs, and helped him feel confident throughout. You have a gift at teaching and we are thankful for you. Now . . . open the attached file and see the results of your teaching and [student]’s hard work!"

Parent of Phillips Brooks School and Sacred Heart Schools Student

"I wanted to let you know that student just received notification that he was accepted to SHP!  Thank you again for all of your wonderful and caring support of student in his HSPT prep.  We were truly impressed with you and the way you worked with [Student].And student REALLY enjoyed working with you.  You managed to make something that could have been painful, enjoyable and helpful to student.  Just a week or two ago, student mentioned to me that he’s seeing a positive impact on the way he approaches tests in school because of many of the techniques you taught him in the fall."

Parent of Sacred Heart Prep and Yale Student

High School and College Admissions and Test Preparation

"I am really lucky to have been accepted to a lot of great places: Boston College, Villanova, Vanderbilt, WashU, Notre Dame, UC Berkeley, USC, Santa Clara, UC Irvine, and UC Santa Barbara. Also, I was fortunate to receive half-tuition academic merit scholarships at Santa Clara and UC Irvine, and also a half-tuition merit scholar offer at Notre Dame that includes leadership opportunities and funding for research and summer enrichment. I have decided to enroll at Notre Dame. Thank you so much for all your help with my standardized testing preparation. I am confident that the 36 on the ACT played a sizable role in my success."

Woodside Priory and University of Notre Dame Student

"I am hoping Henry reached out to you and you know already that he got his ACT score yesterday and it was a PERFECT 36! I am so proud of him and he was over the moon! Thank you for working with him and preparing him for the test. He is very pleased."

Linda K.

Parent of Menlo School and Princeton University student

"Thank you so much for helping him prepare. You were able to skillfully assess his learning style and provide the right instruction for his needs. Plus, your positive style and encouragement kept him motivated. Other parents told me that the fall of senior year is the best time for taking standardized college tests, and that turned out to be true. I’m sure his success is due in large part to the targeted and meaningful support you gave him."

Maria D.

Woodside Priory and University of Notre Dame Parent

"Hi Julian, I wanted to let you know what I scored on the ACT test in July. I got a 34! - 35 English - 32 Math - 35 reading - 33 Science Thanks for all your help!"


Woodside Priory
Cornell University

""The score was an 800!!! Thanks so much for all your help and kind words throughout the entire process. I genuinely mean, cliche free, that I couldn’t have done it without you guys.""


Stanford University

"Individual and personalized. Felt at home and like I could open up about non math-related aspects of my life. 35 on ACT. I got into my personal top college, Claremont McKenna College. I couldn't find the individual tutoring experience anywhere else. I came for math tutoring, but often worked on other work I was struggling with, college essays, and talked about home life or my future."


Claremont McKenna College

Executive Function

"Julian helped our son immensely... both in learning new content and in test-taking strategies.  His percentile scores improved from 50-65-75-80 on the practice test in October to 84-90-90-95 in January. Our son was highly motivated to learn and responded really well to your teaching  style.  Our son used to rush and make mistakes on content he understood.  Now he is much more deliberate in his test-taking strategies. Tutoring is not equal, and we feel strongly that Julian is best-in-class. He is performing much better in Algebra at school.   You are highly effective and professional... a pleasure to work with."


Menlo School

"Hi Julian!  Talia did great on this last test!!! Thank you so much again for all of your hard work and support! Long road but hard work paid off!"

Albina Parks

Phillips Brooks School

"You are a remarkable tutor who has a gift for reaching students from different viewpoints - you helped Addi to realize that she was actually smart and that she learned and viewed the world somewhat differently from the norm. It is great that she can come back to you for some college help."

Lee Eisler

Parent of Sacred Heart Prep and Claremont McKenna College Student