Privacy Policy

This Bay Area Learning Partners Privacy Policy (the “policy”) describes the specific  policies and procedures we use to collect, utilize, disclose, share and protect your  Personal Information. We refer to Bay Area Learning Partners as “Bay Area Learning  Partners”, “BALP”, “we” or “us”.  

Bay Area Learning Partners is committed to the protection of our Personnel, Clients,  and Donors (also referred to as “you” or “your”) privacy. We understand that keeping  your information secure and confidential is critical to earning and keeping your trust. Let  us be clear - we do not rent, sell or trade your Personal Information. 

How to Use this Privacy Policy 

This policy describes how we collect and use your Personal Information and how we  address other privacy matters. We also describe methods for contacting Bay Area  Learning Partners if you have privacy questions, comments or feedback. The information that we collect, and how we use it, depends on your relationship with us  and as your relationship evolves with Bay Area Learning Partners. This policy is  organized based on those different types of relationships – Personnel, Clients, and  Donors. 

Personnel - Individuals who work directly on Bay Area Learning Partners • Clients - Individuals who establish a relationship with us or otherwise are  beneficiaries our services. 

Donors - Individuals who contribute in any financial way towards the operation  and function of the Bay Area Learning Partners 

You may fall into more than one category. For example, a Donor may volunteer time or  expertise directly to our work as Personnel depending on the specific circumstances. 

How We Collect & Use Your Information 

“Personal Information” means your personally-identifiable information such as your  name, email or mailing address, phone number, any account credentials (e.g. User id  and passwords for certain software services), social security number, government ID  

numbers and other information that can be used to identify you personally. The following describes in further detail the information we collect at various stages of  our relationship with you. 


Depending on the level of work conducted, varying amounts of your Personal  Information is collected as a matter of routine for anything from accessing information  protected by Bay Area Learning Partners to information required to provide forms of  compensation.  


The nature of the work done at Bay Area Learning Partners requires disclosure,  collection, maintenance, and disposal of the most important Personal Information of  our clients. We will only collect what is legally required and/or relevant to your status as  a client, however we will apply industry standard best practices to all information  collected, regardless of how it might come to our possession.  


The financial nature of donations requires certain data collection and retention by law,  which Bay Area Learning Partners will follow all industry standard best practices to  protect. Donor information sharing is strictly limited to what the law requires or what a  Donor has given express permission to be shared. 

How We Protect Your Information 

The work done by Bay Area Learning Partners can be very sensitive, therefore BALP  takes information protection very seriously. We use exclusively reputable commercial  products and services, we encrypt and protect data at all stages, and we develop  policies and training to keep our Personnel up to date with data protection technologies  and strategies.  

Additional Privacy Information and Your Privacy Rights and Resources 

Anonymized Information 

As a practice, Bay Area Learning Partners will opt out of any service requests to provide  anonymized information. While anonymized information is generally safe to collect and  share with service providers, we take very seriously the potential for reverse  engineering of anonymized data — however remote — due to the nature of our work. 

Our Use of Google Analytics 

We use Google Analytics to help us understand how you interact with our website. To do  this, we share a unique identifier with Google. For information on how Google Analytics  collects and processes data, as well as how you can control information sent to Google,  see “How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps” linked here. You  can learn about Google Analytics’ currently available opt-outs, including the Google  Analytics Browser Ad-On, here. 

How to Request Deletion of the Personal Information We Collect 

Bay Area Learning Partners allows you to delete your information at any stage we are  legally allowed to comply. We will retain information on deleted accounts as required for  legal, regulatory and security purposes. For further details, reach out to us using our contact page.

Email Records 

Bay Area Learning Partners keeps business records, including emails you send to us,  for seven (7) years. This includes any email you send to our privacy, security or support  teams. 

Data Residency 

Our services and data are hosted in the United States and Singapore, and comply with  applicable local laws. 

Protecting Children’s Privacy Online 

Bay Area Learning Partners is not directed to individuals under the age of thirteen (13),  and those children should not provide Personal Information through our websites or  applications. We do not knowingly collect information from children under 13 without  parental consent. For more information about the Children’s Online Privacy Protection  Act (COPPA), visit the Federal Trade Commission website. 

Modifications to our Privacy Policy 

We change our privacy practices from time to time as the need arises. When we do, we  will revise this Privacy Policy, and we will post the revised document on our website at 

When changes to this Privacy Policy are material, we will provide notice to Bay Area  Learning Partners Personnel, Clients, and Donors.