Our Story

Bay Area Learning Partners was founded in 2016 by Julian Condo with the belief that expertise, experience, and care in 1:1 education can transform learning for any student. Julian started as a classroom educator and 1:1 learning specialist, with an obsession for helping students improve dramatically in any domain. His passion for excellence led him to mentor students and families that other teachers, schools, and private companies could not serve. The results have consistently far exceeded expectations. Along the way, Julian recruited other like-minded professionals, teaching experts with a passion for achieving the very best outcomes for students.

Time and again, we've heard from parents and students how our programs  sparked a significant transformation in their educational journey. Students who once feared math now excel in advanced courses, and reluctant writers have blossomed into exceptional wordsmiths, impressing the most seasoned teachers at prestigious private schools. Anxious test takers are now confident in high-pressure settings. Every student we work with, in fact, has the potential to make a great transformation in their learning, and we obsess over every detail to bring that transformation to reality. Having worked with hundreds of families across the entire K-12 and post-secondary journey, we're confident in our unique perspective and ability to drive change.

As a team, we remain dedicated to this idea: that caring 1:1 personalized education from experts can lead any individual to dramatically transform their learning. We look forward to helping you make the most of your educational journey.

What We Believe about Learning

Every student can excel

Students of every profile work with us and see exceptional growth. We amplify student strengths and offer students the guidance and resources to confidently improve their weaknesses.

Challenges drive growth

With the right guidance and support, students should be exposed to challenging curriculum and interesting problems.

Learning is personal

What's interesting, motivating, and relevant matters, and a teacher who cares can make all the difference.

Highest standards only, for everyone

We aim high. We have the highest standards and always drive toward exceptional results for everyone involved.

Radical respect for student well-being

Growth and learning should always serve student well-being. More is not always better. Better is better.

Leave no stone unturned

We work tirelessly to match each learner with tools and practices that unlock incredible growth. We rely on broad experience to find the exact methods that work best for each individual.