Morgan Gillis

I have spent the last two years with Bay Area Leaming Partners tutoring a wide range of students one-on-one at the middle and high school level in algebra, physics, the ISEE, and the HSPT. During this time I have also put effort into designing and refining the teaching curriculum used by BALP and I have proctored practice tests for the ISEE, HSPT, SAT, and ACT. Prior to BALP I earned my B.S. in physics from Santa Clara University (with minors in mathematics and computer engineering), and I spent two years as an undergraduate tutoring peers in physics and serving as a TA for physics and astronomy labs Additionally, since 2010, I have taken on several roles as an instructor for Cuong Nhu Martial Arts summer camps and dojo classes, training both kids and adults of all ages.

Because of my experiences engaging with students at many levels in a variety of contexts, my goal as a tutor is to frame complex mathematical and scientific concepts in ways students find accessible and stimulating. When 1 identity a specific area or concept that someone is struggling with, I guide them toward an understanding by using their existing strengths as footholds and synthesizing with what they already grasp. In this way try to give a student the tools to navigate their way out of confusion. Having grown up with ADHD, I am particularly receptive to the needs of students with learning differences and am passionate about using my approach to adapt to the ways they learn best.

I am a Bay Area native and a lifelong lover of learning. My tutoring style draws upon my own myriad interests, which range from philosophy and lingumtics to computers and graphic design. I am constantly seeking ways to relate to my students, and if all else falls, my enthusiasm for video games is sure to get us somewhere!

Subject specialties:
-Algebra Physics